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Building a unique hobby with collectible digital dice, figures, games and worlds!

What We Do

We're building the next generation of digital toys – beautiful, tactile, playful objects around which we're building games, hobbies and communities.

Our first project, dNo, is currently under development. Join us on Discord to come with us on our journey of discovery, as we craft this unique digital hobby.

The Team

Harry Holmwood

Harry Holmwood


Ed Thorley


Ste Curran

Creative Director

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Technical Art Lead

Seb Van Holthe

Seb Van Holthe


Daniel Fowke

Daniel Fowke


Davis Picture

Davis Dauksts


Harry Miller Pic

Harry Miller


Ev Wrynn


Cristina Tirado


Dean Foster Picture

Dean Foster

Lead Designer

Paul Hudak Photo

Paul Hudak

Senior Programmer

Samantha Hawkins

Admin Lead

Keely Brenner, head of marketing

Keely Brenner

Head of Marketing


Seed round – July 2022

BITKRAFT Ventures is a leading investment platform for gaming and Web3 globally, and has been the most active gaming venture capital firm and lead investor in 2020 and 2021, according to research from InvestGame and Drake Star Partners.

Fabric logo

Fabric Ventures backs the top founders in Web3, working as a venture contributor with the most enduring projects and networks at the heart of the new open, decentralised economy.

Geometry Logo

Geometry builds and invests in companies and protocols leveraging deep mathematics, cryptography and engineering to advance the state of Web3, the technology that underwrites truth and value in the virtual world.

Sfermion logo

Sfermion is an investment firm focused on the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. Our goal is to accelerate the emergence of the open metaverse by investing in the founders, companies, and protocols creating the infrastructure and environments that will form the foundations of our digital future.

Pre-seed round – November 2021

Acequia Capital provides both venture capital and advice to early stage founders, with a focus on innovative technology companies.

Concept Ventures Logo

Concept Ventures is the UK’s largest dedicated pre-seed fund, focused on backing founders reshaping how we work, play, and learn.

Playgrnd Ventures is one of the most committed and resourceful advisory ventures with its specialties in blockchain gaming, metaverse and web3 projects.

Sir Ian Livingstone

General Partner, Hiro Capital. Co-founder of Games Workshop, Chairman of Eidos, Playdemic, and Sumo Group.

Co-created the multi-million-selling Fighting Fantasy game book series.

Charlie Songhurst

Charles Songhurst

Ex-Microsoft head of strategy with over 350 early stage investments including Affirm, Grove, Easypost, Onfido, Formlabs, Classpass, Opensea and Axie infinity.

Sillytuna Punk


Game developer and crypto pioneer. One of the earliest people involved in the crypto and NFT scene.

Investor in NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CloneX and Cryptopunks.

Nick Button-Brown

Nick Button-Brown

Chair at Outright Games, Board Member at Coherence, Tiny Rebel Games and Loveshark, and Advisor at Payload studios. 

Founder of The Games Angels investing in and supporting early stage gaming companies.

loi luu

Loi Luu

Founder of Kyber Network, an OG Dex Protocol started in 2017, allowing the exchange of cryptocurrencies without a centralized exchange.

Loi is a longtime advisor to and investor in the world of crypto and web3.


We don't have any specific roles we're recruiting for right now, but are always interested to hear from new, talented people – we'll be looking to expand our team with more programmers, artists, animators and designers in future.

We’re a small team building a brand-new digital hobby, based around beautiful, collectible virtual items – dice, figures, tiles and stories – all playable with games and apps for web, PC and mobile. We’re taking a new approach to building our games, toys and communities – including the use of web3 and blockchain technologies which we think could, done right, open up a world of new gameplay possibilities we’re keen to experiment with.

We’re based in the UK, but don’t have an office so the team is fully remote. We’re open to working with people anywhere in the world (although it’s handy if your time zone isn’t too far from GMT). For those that can make it, we have regular meetups, generally in London but perhaps in other places too. Otherwise we all talk every day through our Discord server – where you can also check out our work and meet the team if you’re interested to find out more.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch via the contact form below, ideally with a link to your portfolio site, LinkedIn profile or other applicable summary of your work and experience.

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