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Beneath The Six

Beneath The Six image


Beneath The Six is a turn-based roguelike game (when we say ‘roguelike’ we mean literally ‘like Rogue’, the classic turn-based game dating right back to 1980 – ‘roguelike’ has come to mean lots of other things since, but our game owes its inspiration back to that original).

Beneath The Six is a mixture of exploration, combat and storytelling. Players create a character using their dNo dice and descend, either alone or with friends, into dungeons filled with treasure, traps and monsters. Every day, a new dungeon will be generated for players to explore. The player who gets the deepest into the dungeon will be that day’s winner, taking pole position on our Discord channel’s leaderboard.

Players are encouraged to experiment with different characters – made from different combinations of dNo dice. Characters come with their own skills, intelligence, strength, dexterity and equipment. A character that’s great in one situation might not be the ideal choice for another. One dungeon might benefit from pure physical strength and fighting ability, another from magic prowess and another from the stealthy skills of a rogue character. Players might choose to enter the dungeons together, sharing the risks and rewards, perhaps choosing to play as characters with complementary skills.